New Original & Prints: "Nudo In Piscina - Andrea De Martino"

My latest pastel is a portrait of my Italian friend Andrea (18" x 11½" unframed).  Andrea recently did a real life re-enactment of my "Tie the Knot" painting.  It was so terrific that I wanted to return the favor and did this painting based on one of his Facebook photos. 

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On the Drawing Board: vibrant hues

One of the things that drew me to this pic, beside the Italian model Andrea, was the vibrant colors.  Love the sunshine yellow with the blue and turquoise pool. 

This is from a pic a friend shared with me.  I cropped it down and had to work from a small part of a camera phone pic.  I also did some rearranging for composition purposes and to 'clean' the background up a bit.

On the Drawing Board: pixels by the pool


My next piece is also inspired by a friend.  It's based on a phone pic he shared with me so the quality isn't great to work from.  I am making a big picture from a small section of a phone pic so the pixelation on the face is significant and impossible to do a good likeness.  It won't be so much a portrait but more a 'based on...' type of result.