New Fantasy Release: "The Gryphon Master"

Harkening back to my roots, my latest piece is an adventure in fantasy!  Gryphons are one of my favorite mythological creatures and it was so much fun creating this piece.

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On the Drawing Board: Winter tale.

Being in the second snowiest city in America (so far this year) has been a bit of an inspiration for my winter themed fantasy piece.  But I am ready for the snow to start melting...but I guess I'll have to wait at least another month.  Either way I am having so much fun rendering things I don't typically do in my usual male romance / erotica pieces, though I consider both 'fantasy' works.  

On the Drawing Board: Feeling fantastical

Many of my early pieces (teenage years) were sci-fi and fantasy inspired, so I always feel my artistic roots are slightly anchored in that genre.  Lately, as I've been contemplating my next works I've kept drifting in that direction, so I've decided to indulge.  I've done a few in the past, like "Metamorphosis" and "Deep Blue", and definitely would like to explore further.  I'm starting with one of my favorite mythological creatures, gryphons, of which I've been a fan of since reading about the land of Valdemar in the Mercedes Lackey books.