New Original & Prints: "Resistance"

I'm always striving to express positivity through my artwork, be it healthy sexual identity, romanticism, kindness, our place in the natural world, or even just fun!

My latest work is about pushing back on the negativity that surrounds us, the fear, ignorance and hate. Those words I have scrawled on the stone in several languages.

I'll be donating* 15% of the sale of prints and the original to Human Rights Watch, a non-profit working to stop oppression around the world including the torture and killing of gay men in Chechnya. 

*I can't provide a tax write-off to customers for the donated portion of the sale without help from a lawyer, accountant and possibly creating a separate non-profit entity. However you can donate directly to HRW if you wish. 

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Original is Available
18¼" x 24¼" (46cm x 62 cm) pastel on pastel paper

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