Oh By Golly!


Oh By Golly!

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18" x 24" (61 cm x 47 cm) pastel on pastel paper 

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As the sun and fun of summer become only memories and we accept that the shorts and swimsuits are stowed away for the year, we must open our hearts and embrace the winter spirit. Though the daylight becomes low and brief, let’s not fret, for the streets are all a twinkle, our homes aglow with candles and crackling fireplaces. And while outside becomes cold, we get all the warmth we need from hot beverages, hearty meals and time with friends and family.

The holidays always bring talk of getting in the 'spirit' or 'in the spirit of the season' so I thought, since I'm a figurative artist, what would the embodiment of the 'winter spirit' be like. What if The Winter Spirit was an actual being who sprinkled that twinkling feeling of joy and warmth that we strive for during the cold short days and long nights of the year? This is my result.