"You are in VIOLATION..."



"Back Forty"

Being an artist of the male figure, gay themes, nudes and homoerotic I'm often dealing with the dreaded 'terms of service' when it comes to marketing or printing/publishing my work an navigating what will be considered 'over the line'.

I've overcome that issue with prints by producing them myself, and as for cards, calendars I found a printer that has no problems with any of my work. 

Unfortunately I've never found a solution to getting magnets made. Companies that don't list 'adult content' as an issue are ones that require minimums of 100, 250 per magnet.  And I just don't have the funds to invest in 25,000 magnets.

Places that allow me to order in bundles of 10 usually are websites where people also sell their design in their online shops, so they include restrictions so as not to offend. The place I use is CaféPress and they employ the all familiar & vague "nothing sexually explicit" caveat. Of course that's a subjective term, since some see 'nudity' as sexual. So I'm left to letting them decide. Over the years and all the rejections, I thought I had established that they drew the line at male genitalia (whether it was sexual or not). So, fine. 

However, for my latest magnet order from CaféPress they rejected "Cory". I assume it's because of the naked butt that someone thinks is 'sexually explicit', but that doesn't jive with all the other male rear nudes they've printed for me in the past like "Back Forty". 

So until I can find a magnet maker that isn't paralyzed by the 'shame' of the human body, I guess my magnets will continue to be rated PG or perhaps G, depending on which nun is working that day.  

If anyone knows of an enlightened magnet printer please leave a comment.  Thanks!