NEW: Create A Customer Account!

I'm excited that this feature is finally available. It's one of the things I missed when I switched from my old site. 

You can now create a Customer Account! You can create one anytime using the "Sign In" link on the menu bar above, or the next time you place an order. 

With an account you have the option to securely save your credit card payment information as well as your shipping address for an easier checkout process

You don't HAVE to create an account, you can still place an order as a 'guest'. But with an account, once you're logged in you can:

  • View your orders*
  • Keep items in your shopping cart**
  • Add and update billing information
  • Add and update shipping address
  • Update your name and password

Have trouble remembering problem, there's an autobot standing by to send you a reset link, just click on 'forgot password'. 

*Only orders placed while logged in will be visible. 'Guest' orders, even if you use the same email address as your Customer Account, will not be included. 

**Placing items in a shopping cart does not HOLD their availability or price for the next time you visit. 


PayPal...not my pal.


Occasionally a customer will ask if I accept PayPal (I do not). I know many people use the service, and have never had an issue. I once was one of those people, but that was over a decade ago. Perhaps buyers are treated better than sellers. 

Anyway, I've talked about what happened before, so I don't want to get into it. But the gist of what turned me off of them was their horrendous customer treatment, and their Terms of Service stating one thing yet doing another. That's why I DO NOT TRUST THEM. So I steered clear of them for many years. I got my own merchant account, which was better in the long run because I escaped from PayPal's high fees. Yet, over the years I've wondered if they've changed, even had weak moments of thinking about giving them another shot. Then last year I made a purchase, and even though I didn't have or use PayPal myself, the merchant used his PayPal account to charge my credit card. Ended up getting ripped off to the tune of $10,000. I know, it wasn't PayPal that did the ripping off, I understand these things happen. But, while my own credit card company investigated and cleared the fraudulent charges, PayPal was of absolutely no help at all, it's as if they couldn't be bothered. So to the dismay of a few potential customers who only shop online under the guise of PayPal protection, I have reconfirmed my decisions to never employ their service. Sorry. 

It surprises me that some companies ONLY offer PayPal as a form of payment. I recently encountered one of those artist sites that allows the artist to upload his work while they print it, market it, and sell it on all sorts of products. The companies only method of paying the artists is through PayPal. WTF? 

Like I said, many people use it, many people have never had a problem, but many others have. The Better Business Bureau only gives PayPal 3½ out of 5 stars. I don't usually buy stuff on Amazon unless it has at least 4 stars, and that's for a pair of socks...which I can return. But PayPal is handling your money with access to your bank account and they only have 3½ stars, that's 70%...a C minus. 

Good Vibes From a New Print Company.


After doing some research for a new company to print my calendars, I've chosen to go with PrintRoc out of Rochester NY.  I found several that indicated they had no problem with the subject matter of my art and even a few that had lower prices. But when it comes to a major order, like my calendars, I'm extra nervous about the quality I'm going to get with someone I have no experience with. While that will still be the case until I see the results, I got a good vibe talking with the guys at PrintRoc, a gay friendly business. They even took the time to take a look at my website and mentioned they also print magnets and other items I offer. 

So fingers crossed, I should have the hardcopy proof next week, and calendars should be ready for purchase before then end of September.

New Site, New Art, New Name - but still me!

I'm launching a new website!

Since I don't just do male nude paintings, I'm building a website to showcase my other works. You could say, "I'm separating the hens from the cocks." 

The new site will present my pastel paintings, prints and items of 'other' subject matter, which so far is only chickens. I'll also be moving my Pup Portrait Commissions over there. As you see I'll be using a different name, my fiancé's last name, for keeping things somewhat separated. After all, someone looking for a chicken painting or a dog portrait might get a case of the vapors seeing all the naked men on this site.

I'm thinking it might also be a good time to diversify, who knows how much longer we'll have an open and uncensored internet. 

While it's not live yet, if you are interested in this other facet of my art please go to and sign up for the newsletter and to be notified when the site is live.

Nominees for Supporting Artists...


Typically when you hear talk about supporting artists it means buying their work. That of course is terrific. But most of us artists who have to watch our nickles and dimes, know that not everyone can afford an original or can buy each print or card or magnet that we offer. There's another great way to support your favorite artists, and it is really simple: share their work on social media. Now being a follower is a start, but what I'm talking about is giving a 'thumbs up' a 'heart' or a 'like', a share, a re-post, or a re-tweet. Most artists can't afford much (or anything) for marketing & advertising so every share and like is really helpful and appreciated. If you're already a fan or follower just take that extra step when you're scrolling through and hit that button and be an active supporter!

P.S. Share an artists work from the venues he/she provides. Posting an artist's work, without really giving acknowledgment, their name, their website etc. is not supportive or cool.

"You are in VIOLATION..."



"Back Forty"

Being an artist of the male figure, gay themes, nudes and homoerotic I'm often dealing with the dreaded 'terms of service' when it comes to marketing or printing/publishing my work an navigating what will be considered 'over the line'.

I've overcome that issue with prints by producing them myself, and as for cards, calendars I found a printer that has no problems with any of my work. 

Unfortunately I've never found a solution to getting magnets made. Companies that don't list 'adult content' as an issue are ones that require minimums of 100, 250 per magnet.  And I just don't have the funds to invest in 25,000 magnets.

Places that allow me to order in bundles of 10 usually are websites where people also sell their design in their online shops, so they include restrictions so as not to offend. The place I use is CaféPress and they employ the all familiar & vague "nothing sexually explicit" caveat. Of course that's a subjective term, since some see 'nudity' as sexual. So I'm left to letting them decide. Over the years and all the rejections, I thought I had established that they drew the line at male genitalia (whether it was sexual or not). So, fine. 

However, for my latest magnet order from CaféPress they rejected "Cory". I assume it's because of the naked butt that someone thinks is 'sexually explicit', but that doesn't jive with all the other male rear nudes they've printed for me in the past like "Back Forty". 

So until I can find a magnet maker that isn't paralyzed by the 'shame' of the human body, I guess my magnets will continue to be rated PG or perhaps G, depending on which nun is working that day.  

If anyone knows of an enlightened magnet printer please leave a comment.  Thanks!

Screwed over...and not in the good way.

I know some of you were waiting for me to get more Capolavoro books in stock. Unfortunately that is not likely to ever happen.  

I've recently discovered I've been the victim of some financial misconduct related to my wholesale purchasing of the books.

I still believe this is a wonderful collection celebrating the art of the male by many of today's artists, but am saddened that it is forever tainted for me because of this incident.