On the Drawing Board: back to it

I know it's nothing close to requiring a label like Attention Deficit Disorder, but I do find it hard to do painting 'series'. I see other artists who will do whole series of a dozen or more, often putting together a show with a continuous theme, where each work is just a slight variation. I have done a few, because I like the idea of them, but it does become a struggle by the 3rd or 4th piece, and (other than my early works which I dubbed Men in Briefs) 4 is as far as I've ever gotten. I think a lot of my creativity is based on my mood, thoughts, weather and the world around me, and all that is constantly changing so I don't usually plan out works months in advance. 

My new piece I'm starting is a companion to "Sweat. Pant." and though I finished that piece a couple years ago I had the basic idea for both at the same time. As is often the case, once I finished the first one I got distracted and inspired by something else. While this is a companion, it is literally 180 degrees different. This time it's all about how those workout shorts look from behind, how they cling and drape in all best places, showing off those hard earned assets.