New Site, New Art, New Name - but still me!

I'm launching a new website!

Since I don't just do male nude paintings, I'm building a website to showcase my other works. You could say, "I'm separating the hens from the cocks." 

The new site will present my pastel paintings, prints and items of 'other' subject matter, which so far is only chickens. I'll also be moving my Pup Portrait Commissions over there. As you see I'll be using a different name, my fiancé's last name, for keeping things somewhat separated. After all, someone looking for a chicken painting or a dog portrait might get a case of the vapors seeing all the naked men on this site.

I'm thinking it might also be a good time to diversify, who knows how much longer we'll have an open and uncensored internet. 

While it's not live yet, if you are interested in this other facet of my art please go to and sign up for the newsletter and to be notified when the site is live.