On the Drawing Board: Shot in the Dark

I hadn't been working on this piece very long before I knew it was likely to end up looking very different from what I initially imagined.  Often a piece will evolve and change as I work on it, but with four characters 'playing out a scene' and a setting that's rather dark but has numerous sources of various colored lights in play I don't know where it will end up. I also haven't yet decided if the the 'losers' should be completely naked or not.

On the Drawing Board: Hot Shot

I've never really had a terrible bout of artist's block.  Though from time to time I do have dry spells. I've learned that it's not due to a lack of ideas, but rather it's a lack of a strong desire to make it come alive.  So when I do have a dry spell I try not to fret.  It often helps to go out and see new things, have new experiences, and thus was the case with my 'strip pool' idea. :-)