New Release: "Showerhead" with very limited print variant.

I don't think showering together saves water... since it often leads to other activities.

The original as well as prints are 10% for the release week special. 

I almost didn't give him a lot of body hair, so I also have a very limited edition 'shaved' variant of "Showerhead": ONLY 10 Studio prints. Select Shaved Variant in the item drop down list to own one of these rarities.

"Showerhead" (Shaved Variant)

from 42.00

Original is available.
18" x 24" (46 cm x 60 cm) pastel on pastel paper

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On the Drawing Board: Perspective on perspective

When I paint a figure at an angle that is more from above or below I realize how we most commonly view each other and ourselves on the vertical plain, the reflective face to face perspective. Think about how we have the ability to immediately identify a human shape in silhouette from this perspective, but when we change the angles (such as viewing from above) the outline becomes less familiar, shapes get distorted, some things become hidden while other come into view.