On the Drawing Board: Perspective on perspective

When I paint a figure at an angle that is more from above or below I realize how we most commonly view each other and ourselves on the vertical plain, the reflective face to face perspective. Think about how we have the ability to immediately identify a human shape in silhouette from this perspective, but when we change the angles (such as viewing from above) the outline becomes less familiar, shapes get distorted, some things become hidden while other come into view. 

Are abs sex? Is skin suggestive? Is 'implied nudity' harmful? Facebook says yes.

I've said it before, but America is really messed up about sex. Looking over Facebook's list of prohibited ad content you can see that they bow down to the segment of the population that has some serious confusion about sex. Yes, I know Facebook is global, so it's not just the USA who has problems, and compared to many other super oppressed and repressed countries we're the stripper on the pole. 

But seriously, nudity is not sex.  And 'implied' nudity? Really? Plenty of people have had sex with their clothes on. Nudity does not equal sex. And so what about sex? We all do it, we're all products of it. It's as natural as eating, breathing, and sleeping. The birds do it, the bees do it. Sometimes dogs do it right on your front lawn. 

But maybe I'm the crazy one. Maybe we should ban images of guys abs, because lord knows what kind of trauma abs could cause. It could create a whole culture with sexual hang ups, like thinking bare body parts like abs = sex.