New Book: "Stroke: From Under the Mattress to Out in the Open"

Spring of last year I was included in an exhibition at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City.  The exhibit focused on the art and artists whose work appeared in the gay magazines  that thrived from the mid 20th century until they mostly disappeared in the last ten years.  This new book compiled by the show's curator artist Robert W. Richards and the museum's Hunter O'Hanian is the offspring of that exhibition, and published by Germany's Bruno Gmunder.  

Artists include Tom of Finland, Quaintance, Etienne, Beau, Marc Debauch, Kent, Michael Kirwan, Robert W. Richards and many more. I am very honored and humbled to be included in this compilation of gay art history with masters in the genre, which includes some fellow artists that I can call friends. 

You can get a copy of "Stroke: From Under the Mattress to Out In the Open" from Amazon.