Featured in a new non-fiction book.

A while back author Dee Michel reached out to me regarding use of one of my works. Usually when authors ask, it's for a gay romance novel. This book, 'Friends of Dorothy: Why Gay Men Love The Wizard of Oz,' instead, is an interesting look at the appeal 'The Wizard of Oz' has held for generations of gay men. 

My painting 'Once In A Lullaby' appears on the back cover and page 175, because I myself reflected on the rainbow connection to that movie. 

There's no place like...Oz.

Author Dee Michel's upcoming book is Friends of Dorothy: Why Gay Boys and Gay Men Love The Wizard of Oz. Dee recently reached out to me to license my painting Once In A Lullaby in the publication, and I was happy to oblige. 

Dee has been a contributor to The Baum Bugle, the official journal (est. 1957) of the International Wizard of Oz Club, so is a bit of an expert. The book is expected this Summer. 

Once in a Lullaby
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Screwed over...and not in the good way.

I know some of you were waiting for me to get more Capolavoro books in stock. Unfortunately that is not likely to ever happen.  

I've recently discovered I've been the victim of some financial misconduct related to my wholesale purchasing of the books.

I still believe this is a wonderful collection celebrating the art of the male by many of today's artists, but am saddened that it is forever tainted for me because of this incident. 

5 Copies Available

Those went amazingly fast.  I'll see what I can do about getting a few more after the holidays.  Make sure you're on my newsletter email list.

If you wanna be notified if/when I get more use the CONTACT link to email me your email address. 

I have just gotten my hands of 5 copies of "Capolavoro di Uomo" the incredible coffee table book featuring 45 outstanding living artists of gay/male erotica, plus a tribute to Steve Walker.  I just checked on Amazon and they have 1 copy available for $1,750.00.  So this is quite a bargain, plus you can have it signed by the cover artist (that's me!).  

New Book: "Stroke: From Under the Mattress to Out in the Open"

Spring of last year I was included in an exhibition at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City.  The exhibit focused on the art and artists whose work appeared in the gay magazines  that thrived from the mid 20th century until they mostly disappeared in the last ten years.  This new book compiled by the show's curator artist Robert W. Richards and the museum's Hunter O'Hanian is the offspring of that exhibition, and published by Germany's Bruno Gmunder.  

Artists include Tom of Finland, Quaintance, Etienne, Beau, Marc Debauch, Kent, Michael Kirwan, Robert W. Richards and many more. I am very honored and humbled to be included in this compilation of gay art history with masters in the genre, which includes some fellow artists that I can call friends. 

You can get a copy of "Stroke: From Under the Mattress to Out In the Open" from Amazon.