Nominees for Supporting Artists...


Typically when you hear talk about supporting artists it means buying their work. That of course is terrific. But most of us artists who have to watch our nickles and dimes, know that not everyone can afford an original or can buy each print or card or magnet that we offer. There's another great way to support your favorite artists, and it is really simple: share their work on social media. Now being a follower is a start, but what I'm talking about is giving a 'thumbs up' a 'heart' or a 'like', a share, a re-post, or a re-tweet. Most artists can't afford much (or anything) for marketing & advertising so every share and like is really helpful and appreciated. If you're already a fan or follower just take that extra step when you're scrolling through and hit that button and be an active supporter!

P.S. Share an artists work from the venues he/she provides. Posting an artist's work, without really giving acknowledgment, their name, their website etc. is not supportive or cool.

Do you need talent to make art? Or does calling anything 'art' make you talented?

I mostly agree with the speaker, Robert Florczak. I especially like the figure skating analogy. Art is a talent, some display of talent is required. Simply declaring something art is not a talent, nor is having a name and reputation a talent. If we compare visual art to audible art (music) we see that we demand music adhere to standards and requires talent. We don't record the sound of a bulldozer and accept it as music because some one says so or because a Stevie Wonder or an Adele recorded it. And by accepting a pile of poo as art, does it not diminish and insult people with talent, a talent they often spent thousands of hours studying and perfecting?