On the Drawing Board: A Cruising Couple Commission

The painting I'm starting is a commissioned piece, it's sort of a blend between concept (where the client has an idea for a painting they want me to create) and portrait (where the client wants a painting of themselves, typically from a photo). This one the client contacted me with a concept and had a photo to go along with it, and while it is them in the photo, the are allowing me to make some alterations. It's just a few changes that make it work better as painting and let's me put my style and influence into it.

By the way, is it a portrait if they are facing away? :-)

New Holiday Release: "Christmas Time In The City"

"Christmas Time In The City" is my holiday piece for 2014.  Definitely inspired by the warm romantic images conjured up in the song "Silver Bells". 

Get 10% off the list price during the official Day of Issue on the Original & Prints.  Now until approximately 8:00 AM EDT November 8, 2014.  

Being a holiday piece it's offered in a very limited edition, only 12 Gallery prints and 25 Studio prints. 

UPDATE: The original has sold to a private collector.

New Release - Bathed in Love

My latest piece is also the first work in my upcoming exhibit (more on that below). While the original is available now for purchase through Lyman-Eyer Gallery, it must remain with the gallery until after my 2014 Summer show. 

UPDATE: This original is now available at Gallery XO in Wilton Manors Florida