Inspired by '69


When I’m making my annual calendar I often will look for significant anniversaries to add a bit of interest. For 2019’s calendar there were several from 50 years ago that gave me ideas for future works. I’ve started on a couple of them and hope to have them finished and released by the time the anniversaries roll around.

Here are partial images of the outlines I’ve done for 2 of these 1969 inspired paintings.

Can you figure out which events these each represent?

Who's next?

I used to do my paintings one at a time from start to finish, from idea to completion then move on to the next. I think, in part, that was because I would occasionally develop an idea and then abandon it for some reason and never go back to it. But in the last couple years there's been a shift in my modus operandi. Rather than work in a linear fashion, I sometimes work in batches. If I'm in 'idea' mood (or mode) I'll work on developing a few at a time. This way, when I'm in a painting mood I'll have some things ready to go. I've also learned to be okay with spending time on an idea and it not becoming a finished painting, or at least, not right away. 

Here is a batch of ideas that I've recently been working on, my Christmas painting, "The Winter Spirit" was also in this batch. Which one will be next? Will all of them become finished works? I don't even know the answer.  Stay tuned!

On the Drawing Board: A Cruising Couple Commission

The painting I'm starting is a commissioned piece, it's sort of a blend between concept (where the client has an idea for a painting they want me to create) and portrait (where the client wants a painting of themselves, typically from a photo). This one the client contacted me with a concept and had a photo to go along with it, and while it is them in the photo, the are allowing me to make some alterations. It's just a few changes that make it work better as painting and let's me put my style and influence into it.

By the way, is it a portrait if they are facing away? :-)