Calendar Cover Uncovered!

While I was debating which of the two potential calendar covers to go with (either Gray Day or Flower Bed), I noticed there was a recent work I completely overlooked! It somehow got deleted from my print gallery. I didn't even have it included for the inside images of the calendar.  

I do thank everyone who voted and gave me input on the 2 covers I proposed last week, so I feel weird springing an entirely new cover on you, but "My Side of the Mountain" manages to embody many of the good points everyone mentioned from BOTH the other two.

Hope you like the final choice!

New Painting & Prints: "Flower Bed"

While I love the beauty of all the seasons, the warmer ones allows us to really connect to it.  I wish man's effect on nature was as positive as natures effect on man. #savethebees.

The original and limited edition prints are available at the special new release price (until about 8:00 am EDT April 19). 

Flower Bed
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24 x 18½ pastel on pastel paper

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On the drawing board: A warm, sunny spot.

After a few days away and a few days working on building a chicken coop, the rainy and snowy weather has returned and gotten me back inside painting a warm bed of flora. 

I'd prefer a little nice weather now, since it is April, but I will admit the cold spell is what I needed to get me back at the drawing board to finish this 'involved' background (which despite all the work, I am loving).

On the Drawing Board: blossoming

Thanks everyone for your input on which idea to work on next.  It actually motivated me to want to do all of them!  But I went with 'D' to start first.  My hesitation with that one was my concept of him lying on a bed of flowers...and I knew it would/will be tedious. Though I dove in and am really happy with it so far. 

While I strive to make the guys in my paintings attractive according to my tastes and aesthetic, I usually don't go for what I would call the 'pretty boy' look, however, now that I've started adding the bed of flowers his 'pretty boy' look seems to really fit for this piece.