Shipping Now!

The 2020 Calendars arrived over the weekend. I’m busy opening packs and packs of calendars and signing them. Labels are printing and I’ll be shipping them out in batches starting today. If you pre-ordered, you should be getting an email notification in the next few days with your tracking number.

A little over 1/3 of the inventory has been sold so you can still get yours if you haven’t yet. I’m fulfilling orders as they came in, so if you order today, expect it to ship in a few days as I get caught up. Thanks!

Good Vibes From a New Print Company.


After doing some research for a new company to print my calendars, I've chosen to go with PrintRoc out of Rochester NY.  I found several that indicated they had no problem with the subject matter of my art and even a few that had lower prices. But when it comes to a major order, like my calendars, I'm extra nervous about the quality I'm going to get with someone I have no experience with. While that will still be the case until I see the results, I got a good vibe talking with the guys at PrintRoc, a gay friendly business. They even took the time to take a look at my website and mentioned they also print magnets and other items I offer. 

So fingers crossed, I should have the hardcopy proof next week, and calendars should be ready for purchase before then end of September.

Calendar Cover Uncovered!

While I was debating which of the two potential calendar covers to go with (either Gray Day or Flower Bed), I noticed there was a recent work I completely overlooked! It somehow got deleted from my print gallery. I didn't even have it included for the inside images of the calendar.  

I do thank everyone who voted and gave me input on the 2 covers I proposed last week, so I feel weird springing an entirely new cover on you, but "My Side of the Mountain" manages to embody many of the good points everyone mentioned from BOTH the other two.

Hope you like the final choice!

Covermen survey

I'm starting work on the 2018 calendar and trying to decide on the cover. So i'm looking for input from you. I'm pretty sure I'll go with one of these two, though I may still tweak the final choice before publishing. What design do you prefer, or think is more eye catching?

The cover image choice won't affect which images are included inside, only the font and style of the pages will change to reflect the cover's look. This is a survey and not the determinate of the final cover selection.

My Cover Choice... *

Calendars almost sold out! Get the 'flawed' ones at a discount.

I'm down to my last dozen or so 2017 Calendars that are in prime condition. They will sell out!

So I'm making all the ones with damaged corners and scuffed covers that I've been setting aside, available at a discount. 

Of the flawed calendars only a handful have the scuffed up cover, which is a narrow line across the top where the ink looks to be worn off. The majority have bent corners, resulting in a diagonal crease of about an inch or less at the top left or bottom right. The degree varies from calendar to calendar. 

The 2016 Calendars are in!

My 2016 Collectible Calendar is now available for purchase.

Each calendar measures 11" x 17" when opened, features 13 of my original pastel drawings, and is hand-signed by me, the artist.

Major holidays, observances, moon phases, and important dates in GLBT history are noted.  

Also...the first 50 people to buy a calendar will receive a coupon code in their envelope for $25 off orders of $150 or more (placed until Oct/09/2015).

UPDATE: The first 50 have been sold.

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