Calendar Cover Uncovered!

While I was debating which of the two potential calendar covers to go with (either Gray Day or Flower Bed), I noticed there was a recent work I completely overlooked! It somehow got deleted from my print gallery. I didn't even have it included for the inside images of the calendar.  

I do thank everyone who voted and gave me input on the 2 covers I proposed last week, so I feel weird springing an entirely new cover on you, but "My Side of the Mountain" manages to embody many of the good points everyone mentioned from BOTH the other two.

Hope you like the final choice!

New Painting & Print: "Gray Day"

It hasn't been much of a snowy winter up in my neck of the woods, but we've had plenty of dreary gray days...and  I don't have a problem with that at all. 

This painting evolved into a third piece in what I guess I'll now call my 'day series'. It echoes the pose of my other works "Snow Day" and "Beach Day".

The original and limited edition prints are available at the special new release price (until about 8:00 am EST March 1). 

Gray Day

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24¼ x 18½ pastel on pastel paper

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On the Drawing Board: From Beard to Butt

With all the paintings I've done, I've concluded that there are certain things I ALWAYS enjoy working on, like beards and butts, and certain things I will never enjoy like hands.  Early on, there were things I didn't like painting because they were difficult for me.  But over time I got better and they were no longer a challenge.  Some of those things I now enjoy, but others, while no longer as challenging still feel tedious to me.  I guess things like beards and butts engage me on some deeper level ;-)