2015 Collectible Calendar

My 2015 Collectible Calendar is now available for purchase.

Each calendar measures 8½" x 22" when opened, features 13 of my original pastel drawings, and is hand-signed by me, the artist.

Major holidays, moon phases, and important dates in GLBT history are noted.  

New Release - Prince of Tides

My latest work, Prince of Tides, was inspired by a hike that I and countless others take each summer, almost like a pilgrimage, to Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, MA

The original is available for immediate purchase, but as part of my upcoming show, it will remain with the Lyman-Eyer Gallery through July 23rd. 

On the Drawing Board: Making the trek

Last September when the Lyman-Eyer Gallery invited me to do a show this Summer, this was the first piece I did.  I knew I'd need to have quite a few works for the show so rather than release them all as I finished them I set some aside to release closer to the show.  This one in particular because it's about an experience very familiar to most the gay men who visit Ptown in the Summer.