2015 Collectible Calendar

My 2015 Collectible Calendar is now available for purchase.

Each calendar measures 8½" x 22" when opened, features 13 of my original pastel drawings, and is hand-signed by me, the artist.

Major holidays, moon phases, and important dates in GLBT history are noted.  

New Release - Back Forty

Over the years I've painted quite a few cowboys, though it wasn't until after I was finished that I realized Back Forty is my first rear nude cowboy. Which is surprising given how much I like cowboys and asses. 

While the original is available for purchase, it will remain with the Lyman-Eyer gallery through the end of my show this July. 

On the Drawing Board: A Hot Mess

Another look at my current piece in progress. That dirty pile of pastel sticks, bits and pieces is typical.  Sometimes I try to be more neat about it, but I just keep grabbing different colors and that's where they end up.  It becomes my 'in use pile'.  They're all right there in front of me but I do I have to constantly rummage though the pile to find the one I want.  Which is often the one I just got done using and can't find.