"Santa's Little Helper" Christmas Cards!

"Santa's Little Helper"

The greeting cards of "Santa's Little Helper" are in!

Cards are available in single, 5 packs, or 12 packs.

Santa's Little Helper
from 4.59

Greeting Card
5" x 7" Folded, with white envelope.
Inside: "May the closeness of friends, feelings of joy, and the comfort of home, warm your heart this holiday season."

Single or Multi-Pack:
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New Christmas Painting & Prints: "Santa's Little Helper"

During the busy holidays season we can all use a helping hand...or paw. 

During the official New Release period get 10% off the usual price of the original and prints of "Santa's Little Helper" now until approximately 8:00 AM EDT Tuesday November 1st.

NOTE: The limited edition quantities of my Christmas pieces (25 Studio, 12 Gallery) are very small, so tiered pricing increases kick in after just a few have sold.

Christmas cards of "Santa's Little Helper" will be available soon!

Santa's Little Helper
from 42.00

Original is available for purchase
24 x 18¼ (47 cm x 61 cm) pastel on pastel paper 


Giclée Prints
12 very limited edition Gallery prints
25 very limited edition Studio prints
open edition Portfolio prints
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Other Products
5 x 7 (folded) Greeting Cards 

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On the drawing board: The right size tool for the job.

Often the tools of the artist are whatever happens to be handy.  When the circles on your plastic geometry template aren't big enough you have to search around for something else to use.  Roll of tape?..coffee cup?...too big.  Skin cream lid?...too small.  Finally I found the perfect size ring right there in my nightstand. I think some of you know what it is. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...no it's not...but...

I know, it feels too early to be thinking about Christmas...but in order to start and finish a painting, get cards printed, and make them available for people to order and send out before the big day...well, you gotta start before the leaves fall off the trees. 

Here's a little portion of my holiday painting outline.