New Christmas Painting & Prints: "Santa's Little Helper"

During the busy holidays season we can all use a helping hand...or paw. 

During the official New Release period get 10% off the usual price of the original and prints of "Santa's Little Helper" now until approximately 8:00 AM EDT Tuesday November 1st.

NOTE: The limited edition quantities of my Christmas pieces (25 Studio, 12 Gallery) are very small, so tiered pricing increases kick in after just a few have sold.

Christmas cards of "Santa's Little Helper" will be available soon!

Santa's Little Helper
from 42.00

Original is available for purchase
24 x 18¼ (47 cm x 61 cm) pastel on pastel paper 


Giclée Prints
12 very limited edition Gallery prints
25 very limited edition Studio prints
open edition Portfolio prints
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5 x 7 (folded) Greeting Cards 

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